Helping Our yoUth Survive Everyday



HOUSE OF N.C., Inc is  dedicated to affecting positive change in our youth, our families, and our community.


We achieve this through implementing programs which instill confidence, develop physical strength and promotes self-esteem.


Through these programs we look forward to a stronger, healthier and more secure community.

HOUSE OF N.C., Inc is a unique nonprofit organization that transcends race, age, gender, religion and social-economic status.
HOUSE OF N.C., Inc believes that the dynamics of the Aerobo Cop concept, related to individual self-esteem, can significantly affect change in our community by addressing the escalating health issues that our children face everyday.

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Mecklenburg County Health Department 2021 FACT SHEET

Our partnership with Village HeartBEAT led to a $500,000 Grand Prize!

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AeroboCop is BACK in our communities!


Phone: 704-606-1018

E-mail: houseofnc@bellsouth.net