The M.A.N. Health Awareness Golf Tournament
October 30th, 2023

Monroe Country Club

Inaugural Golf Tournament for Prostate Cancer Awareness In Men

The M.A.N. (Men’s Attention Needed) Golf Tournament aims to unite on the greens not just to showcase our golfing skills but also to raise awareness and support for prostate and breast cancer, two of the most prevalent cancers affecting men!

Event Schedule

Join us for a fun day at Monroe Country Club!

Scoring Format

Now it's time for the Women to support the Men in their lives!

Play or donate to support this great cause!
Donate any amount and commemorate a loved one
that may have fallen victim to or survived their bout
with cancer!

Rep. Carla Cunningham 



Tee It Up 4 Health

If you have a "pair" you need to be here!

Our Sponsors

The M.A.N. Health Awareness Golf Tournament


PLATINUM - $7,500

GOLD - $5,000

SILVER - $2,500

BRONZE - $1,500

Registration & Sponsorship

House of NC, Inc.
8122 Bald Ridge Dr
Charlotte, NC 28227

EIN# 56-2153136
Tax-Exempt 501(c)(3)

CONTACT: Mitchell Smith-Bey (704)606-1018